• Educational picture book
  • Educational chapter book
  • Student resource – arts/science/humanities/social sciences/technologies/health and physical education
  • Student resource – English (literacy/literature/language)
  • Student resource – mathematics (numeracy)
  • Teaching or reference resource


  • Student resource – junior – mathematics/science/technologies
  • Student resource – junior – English/humanities/languages/arts/health and physical education
  • Student resource – senior – mathematics/science/technologies
  • Student resource – senior – English/humanities/languages/arts/health and physical education
  • Teaching or reference resource

VET and Tertiary

Tertiary (Adaptations)

  • Teaching and learning resource – digital only
  • Teaching and learning resource – print or blended learning

Tertiary (Wholly Australian)

  • Teaching and learning resource – print or blended learning
  • Teaching and learning resource – digital only


  • Teaching and learning resource – All
An overall winner for each sector (Primary, Secondary and VET/Tertiary) will then be selected by the Chief Judge from the category winners. 


Primary, Secondary and Tertiary/Vet categories

Publishing contribution

In up to 200 words, please detail how your product:

  • raises the bar of excellence in content and method for furthering student understanding
  • takes an innovative approach to pedagogy
  • differentiates itself from other resources already in the market.

Educational rigour

In up to 200 words, please detail how your product:

  • meets the descriptors of national or state curricula and their educational outcomes, or otherwise delivers the required learning
  • supports teaching practices in the classroom, or in preparation and planning
  • supports the achievement of improved learning outcomes.

Content and clarity 

In up to 200 words, please detail how your product:

  • fosters use of current evidence-based content, and teaching and learning techniques
  • demonstrates clarity and appropriateness for the target market
  • allows for flexible use to create a variety of teaching and learning opportunities

Design and presentation

In up to 200 words, please detail how your product:

  • is user friendly and designed for ease of use for the target market
  • is structured in a way that stimulates and engages learners
  • makes the most of the media in which it is published
  • is cohesive in how all components work together to improve teaching and learning.


Scholarly Non-Fiction Book of the Year

This award is for a work of scholarly non-fiction that is both accessible to a wide readership and has had an impact on the Australian community.  The work is written or edited by an Australian author and is founded in scholarship and research. The work is demonstrably evidence-based through appropriate citations of a range of primary and secondary sources and has been recognised as excellent by the author’s peers. The book might present a narrative history, explain a complex topic of community relevance, tell the stories of important individuals, encourage improved community outcomes including improved health, analyse significant texts, provide a synthesis of ideas, revive interest in a neglected subject, or examine the latest thinking on a topic. The book’s accessibility is evident in the clarity of its writing style, its presentation and design. It will have been published within the last year.  

Indicators of the book’s accessibility and impact may be demonstrated by:

  • Sales in the Australian and global marketplace   
  • Positive coverage of the book in general media  
  • Positive coverage of the book in social media  
  • Citations of the book in other literature  
  • Influence on government policy (e.g. through citation in a white paper or mention in a political speech)  
  • Positive community outcomes  
  • Enrichment of Australian culture in some demonstrable way  
  • Demonstrable impact within its field.

*Australian author = 75% Australian authored, Australian commissioned