FLEX to adjust to a digital world

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact to the education sector created a seismic shift to teaching and learning in Australian schools. Classes were cancelled, home schooling became prevalent, and educators had to quickly transform all lesson and teaching practices to suit remote learning.

Along with the challenges, there were opportunities. Educators could increase student digital literacy and use more interactive tools and content to supplement traditional teaching methods and engagement could be evidenced with data.

However, one of the key lessons to emerge from the pandemic is that these kinds of opportunities could not be realised without first equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge to use new digital tools effectively. Put simply – it’s not just about the tech – it’s about the people. Developing teachers’ digital competency was as critical at this stage as the students they were trying to teach.

That’s why when the Australian not-for-profit Copyright Agency developed FLEX, a cloud-based library of course material for tertiary educators and librarians, they made sure training, onboarding and ongoing support for those using the platform was part of the process.

Today, libraries in private higher education and VET colleges around the country are using the FLEX platform to compile course material for their students, with over 65 colleges now deployed or in a trial.

The biggest Australian educational publishers are also supporting the solution with more than twenty providing quality digital originals of content to the platform, including Allen & Unwin, Pearson, Cengage, Wiley, Oxford University Press, McGraw Hill and more.

If you are a publisher with educational content in the VET space, please contact Rosanna Arciuli (Manager, Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement) for more details. We can provide a demonstration of how your content will be presented in a safe environment on FLEX. You could be in the good company of some of the best names in Australian educational publishing!

About Copyright Agency

Copyright Agency is an Australian not-for-profit licensing organisation that has been standing up for creators for more than 45 years. We represent the copyright-related interests of over 37,000 author, artist, and publisher members by making royalty payments to them for the use of their work. www.copyright.com.au

About FLEX

FLEX is a cloud-based library that enables licensed educational providers to store and share content from a variety of sources send them easily to students via secure digital links.