The EPAA committee highly encourages the inclusion of video submissions as part of your entry. This is your chance to really highlight what makes your product stand out, and help tell a story to the judges of why you should win.

We will be showcasing the submitted video entries for winners during the awards ceremony. In the case that no video is submitted for a winner, we will create our own video content through what has been submitted for both print and digital entries to use for the awards ceremony. You can see some examples in this video.

If you have video content already available that you think is suitable, please feel free to use that; however, if you’re making a new video, here are some tips to help.

The video should:

  • Be concise, no more than 2 -3 minutes. (It will be cut down to a 20-second clip  and may be used for the broadcast in the event your product wins.)
  • Highlight key features of the product to illustrate what you are submitting in the written form
  • Work well without audio, as videos of winning products will be played with judges’ comments read over the top. You can include audio if you think it will help the judges, but it won’t be in the broadcast.

Recording options

Digital resources

Screen capture is a good option for digital resources. You should:

  • Use a product like Loom or, on Mac, the screen-record/screenshot tools
  • Make the resource full-screen before recording the video if possible. (The APA can help do a basic top and tail edit.)

Physical resources

Our preference for physical resources is someone filming in landscape using a smartphone. You should make sure to have:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Natural light 
  • A plain background
  • No branding, straps or graphics on the video.

If you have a blended product and are not sure how to manage these two together, please get in touch with the APA. We want to help you showcase your entry in the best way possible.