You may ask yourself what do the EPAAs and digital amnesty have in common? It turns out, they share quite a lot, and it will affect what digital products can be entered this year.
Due to feedback with issues entering digital services regarding meeting the eligibility period requirements, we have introduced a digital amnesty. For the 2018 EPAAs, entries will be accepted for any current digital service (subject to the Australian requirements and conditions of entry and judging criteria) regardless of date of release.
If you have created a digital service or platform, we want to hear from you!

Double Helix Lessons, CSIRO Publishing in partnership with Stile Education, Winner of the Primary Outstanding Digital Resource, EPAAs 2017.

Entries for the 2018 EPAAs close Friday, 1 June 2018. Don’t miss out on the chance shine the spotlight on your innovative and original products.
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