Educators and the education sector are our key partners, and what educational publishers make is done to the highest quality to serve you in your classrooms. We aim for our resources to reflect the diversity of Australian students and align with national and state curricula. 

Teachers, educators and administrators can learn more about educational publishing’s contribution to the education system here. 

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Publisher of the Year Survey 

This is an annual survey where we ask teachers, teacher librarians and booksellers to tell us about the service you receive from our participating educational publishers. There are prizes to be won and the data provided helps us to improve our support to you, and find a Publisher of the Year at the EPAAs. 

We promote this survey via our established list, SCIS, and via our participating publisher members.

Winning resources 

The EPAAs shortlist and winners lists are easy places from which to select resources for your classrooms.

You can search the teaching tier or subject area to find resources relevant to you. 

Work with us 

  • Co-create with us
  • Test, refine and improve products
  • Become a judge of the Educational Publishing Awards
  • Provide valuable feedback on our service and products.

Educational publishers often partner with teachers to co-create new resources. We employ educators to test and refine resources in the production phase, and we invite educators to judge our resources as part of the EPAAs. We ask educators to provide valuable feedback to the publishing community about our service and products in the spirit of continual improvement. 

If you are an educator, or work in the education industry and would like to learn more about how you can become involved in the educational publishing industry, please be in touch.

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