Wildlife Wong series

Wildlife Wong series

Dr Sarah Pye

The Wildlife Wong series of illustrated chapter books engage children in important conservation topics like habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, animal rehabilitation, human/animal conflicts and biodiversity through accessible, hopeful and humorous stories of a life of a real-life ecologist. As Jane Goodall says, ‘Without hope nothing will change’ (2010, p. 253). Each book includes a nonfiction narrative about Wildlife Wong and his adventures with the chosen species, scientific facts which are perfect for school projects, and experiments which encourage scientific exploration while linking back to the narrative. Throughout the text, unfamiliar words are highlighted and explained. They are then listed in a glossary, which increases scientific understanding and vocabulary.

Shortlist, Chapter Book
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Student Resource
February 2021
9780980687170, 9780980687187, 9780645154306, 9780645154313, 9780645154320, 9780645154337, 9780645154344, 9780645154351

Estralita Publishing

Estralita Publishing is a small indie publisher on the Sunshine Coast with a big heart and a sense of environmental responsibility. The company began publishing Kids Welcome travel guides in 2009. Then a chance meeting with a charismatic tropical ecologist in Borneo in 2012 prompted a new direction. Proprietor and author, Sarah Pye, wrote his biography as the creative element of her Doctor of Creative Arts degree and the resulting Saving Sun Bears was published in 2020. The Wildlife Wong nonfiction series for children soon followed with the aim of engaging the next generation in conservation.

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