Highly Commended

VICscience Biology VCE Units 1-4 4th Edition

Taylah Bennet, Xenia Pappas, Sarah Jones, et al.

The new edition of VICscience Biology Units 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 has been extensively updated to ensure that there is high fidelity alignment to the VCAA VCE Biology Study Design 2022-2026. The titles have been completely reimagined to put all learners at the centre of the Biology learning experience. Inclusivity has been a key driver in the development of this series so that students with a range of abilities are provided with opportunities to learn and understand the key knowledge and to develop and practise the key science skills underpinning the VCE Biology Study Design.

Key science skills are best developed, reinforced and practised by doing. Cengage formed an invaluable partnership with Southern Biological, the key biology educational supply company which has been providing high quality science supplies and equipment to Australian schools for over 40 years. Southern Biological wrote and stress-tested investigations within the textbooks. They provided videos for the teacher and lab tech on how to correctly prepare the material and equipment for the investigation so that it worked every time, and for the student on how to carry out the investigation and record and analyse data. Southern Biological have made themselves available to teachers and lab techs with after sale service to assist with the correct provisioning and running of the investigations.

Cengage have also incorporated 3D interactive modules & quizzes in a content collaboration with VIVED Learning, the leading developer of dissectible interactive 3D models for K12 science in the education space. They specialise in using modelling, simulation and visualization technologies to create virtual reality content. This collaboration allows for a combination of Nelson Cengage’s VICscience Biology resources with VIVED Learning’s 3D immersive educational technologies. The resulting learning experience will deliver vivid content to enhance both teaching and learning experiences.

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science
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Student Resource
June 2021

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