Think Unique – Your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow’s innovators through PROJECT-BASED LEARNING

Think Unique – Your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow’s innovators through PROJECT-BASED LEARNING

Ortal Green

Do you wish you could do something unique with your curriculum? Do you want to inspire your students and help them experiment and think without boundaries, but aren’t sure where to start? If you want to create a unique and fantastic environment for your students, Think Unique is for you.

Creativity and innovative thinking are too often seen as not essential or icing on the cake. That’s simply not true! Creativity is a way of thinking and processing information. It is a way to expand your student’s thinking capabilities and develop their love of learning. Moreover, turning your classroom into an innovative environment means creating an exciting and fun learning space. And we all know that children learn best when they are having fun.

Creating the right learning environment for your students is important. With Think Unique, you can turn your classroom into the most creative and inspiring learning community. Think Unique combines the creative thinking and innovation process that drive start-ups and organisations’ success with the principles of Project-Based Learning. By adopting this approach, you bring the methodologies used by the best innovators and thought leaders of our time to your classroom.

With this book, you will:
•Develop your students’ 21st-century skills
•Provide them with a voice
•Build up their confidence as excellent problem solvers
•Open their world to infinite possibilities!

Think Unique provides you with an innovative framework you can use for any subject, including STEM, Math & Literacy. It is your step-by-step guide to making learning more engaging, more relevant, and more creative. You will find strategies that you can put into practice right away. You’ll learn how to inspire your students, plan engaging lessons, develop your students’ 21st-century skills, and create your most unique curriculum ever.

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August 2021
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Glittering Minds

Glittering Minds helps schools adopt a new way of teaching and learning, so students learn in an innovative environment where they develop crucial 21st-century skills. We take educators on a personal journey to discover how they can amplify their impact and create tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers. We accomplish this powerful transformation by harnessing the power of Design Thinking. We designed a unique program that helps schools achieve this outcome and publish books that empower educators to create great thinkers.
“The biggest surprise for me is that it not only shifted the kids’ thinking, it shifted my thinking as well in the way that I look to design project-based inquiry experiences in the future.” Hayden Callahan, PBL leader, Edithvale primary