The Student Guide To Writing Better Sentences In The English Classroom 1 & 2

The Student Guide To Writing Better Sentences In The English Classroom 1 & 2

Bridget Quin, James Pinnuck

The Student Guide To Writing Better Sentences In The English Classroom 1′ is a textbook that explains grammar in context. Unlike conventional grammar textbooks that have chapters about different grammatical elements, ‘The Student Guide’ has chapters on each of the most common text types students are taught to produce in Australian secondary schools. Each of these chapters demonstrates to students how to use different grammatical components in the context of the focus text type. The aim of the textbook is to support teachers to improve student writing by explicitly demonstrating what is happening at the sentence and word level. Specifically, the textbook has been designed to enable teachers to:
* Scaffold the development of students’ vocabulary and understanding of parts of speech: Each chapter shows students how to use specific parts of speech to improve their sentence writing for a particular textbook.
* Show students how to use a variety of sentence structures: Students are given a range of different ways to structure sentences for a different text type. A sentence is modelled, broken down into features and then students are provided with practial scaffolding to produce their own version of the model sentence.
* Demonstate the differenct types of sentences to use at each stage of writing: Each chapter progresses logically through sentences for the introduction, body or conclusion of a text type.
* Explain punctuation in context: A set of core punctuation rules are outlined at the beginning of the textbook. Each of these rules is accompanied by an icon. These icons then feature throughout the textbook at points where students are required to use them to complete writing activities. Teachers can use this to reinforce core punctuation rules.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
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Student Resource
October 2020
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