The Road to Nursing, Second Edition

Nick Arnott, Mary Cruickshank, Penny Palidelis

Being an effective and well-rounded nurse in Australia is not just about technical skills – it’s also about thinking like a nurse. The Road to Nursing helps students develop clinical reasoning and critical reflection skills, understand the philosophical and ethical considerations necessary to care for clients and reflect on how to provide care that meets the unique needs of clients. This edition retains three parts which guide students through their transition to university, formation of a professional identity and progression to professional practice. A revised chapter order improves the transition between topics and a new chapter explores the ever-changing Australian health landscape, including recent technological innovations. Each chapter includes definitions of key terms, reflection questions, perspectives from nurses, end-of-chapter review questions, research topics and resources that connect students with the real-world practice of nursing. Written by healthcare experts, The Road to Nursing is a fundamental resource for students beginning a nursing career.

Shortlist, Teaching and Learning Resource – Blended Learning (Wholly Australian)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
November 2021

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