Tam and Pat (series)
Highly Commended

Tam and Pat (series)

Lorraine Lea

The Tam and Pat decodable books are delightful stories set in regional Australia that children can read by applying their phonics knowledge (sounding out and blending to read the words). The first stage of the series is written using CVC words with only 8 different letters (m s f a p t c i) and three heart words (I my the).

The Tam and Pat series readers feature the same stories as the original Little Learners decodable readers Stage 1 to 4; however, the books have reworked in conjunction with DSF SPELD to create a new series that students in regional Australia can connect to. In the Tam and Pat stories we are introduced to Pat, Tam, Mum and Dad plus their two pets, Sam and Tip. The new illustrations capture the stunning landscape of regional Western Australia, and put a new spin on the original stories.

The Tam and Pat decodable books include notes and activities to support the development of children’s reading comprehension and vocabulary development – with ideas for discussion too. The ‘How to enjoy this book’ section features:
• questions to discuss (including vocabulary)
• Speed sounds and Heart words to practise
• Speed words (decodable words with the focus grapheme/s) to practise. This page can be
photocopied and used as a single-word fluency activity or used to sort words according to the number of graphemes.

The series of 20 books comes with a free set of character cards and teaching notes for retelling the story, writing and other tasks.

Highly Commended, Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
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Student Resource
25 January 2021
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Little Learners Love Literacy in collaboration with DSF SPELD.

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