Outstanding Winner

STEM Education in the Primary School: A Teacher’s Toolkit

Anne Forbes, Vinesh Chandra, Linda Pfeiffer et al.

STEM Education in the Primary School (and its enhanced VitalSource eBook) introduces pre-service teachers to the theory, skills and practice of teaching STEM through a project-based learning approach. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are presented as professions, mindsets and practices, and each element of STEM is integrated with the Australian Curriculum through a school garden project case study. Popular STEM topic areas, such as health, shelter and space, are explored using tested and age-appropriate project examples that illustrate the translation of STEM ideas to classroom practice. This textbook connects current research in STEM education to teaching practice through detailed discussion of topics including assessment, learning spaces, community and STEM futures. Encouraging readers to consolidate their knowledge, the text is supported by short-answer and reflection questions, information boxes and real-world scenarios. Suggested activities and downloadable templates in the VitalSource enhanced eBook provide guidance for readers when implementing projects and practices in their classroom.

Judge’s Comment

Judges' comments for Category:
STEM Education in the Primary School: A Teacher’s Toolkit is a well-developed, thoughtfully designed guide that is useful for both pre- and in-service teachers. This resource is carefully mapped to the Australian Curriculum and meets its stated goals by combining the pedagogy and theory behind STEM education with practical examples and reflections to engage all learners. The garden challenge project that underpins all of the content can be applied anywhere in Australia, regardless of budget and geography, further demonstrating the considered approach to the development of the content.

Judges' comments for Outstanding Winner:
The judges were particularly impressed with STEM Education in the Primary School as a whole product. Each element, from the text to the design and technology elements, was carefully considered to benefit all learners. The judges saw this as a book that pre-service teachers will take into their classrooms for continual reference throughout their careers.

Outstanding Winner, Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Blended Learning (Wholly Australian)
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Teaching and Student Resource
15 January 2021

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