Sound Waves Spelling

Sound Waves Spelling

Barbara Murray, Terri Watson

Sound Waves Spelling is a whole-school program developed by Australian teachers for use in Australian classrooms. Building on the proven success of previous editions, this new edition brings the content up to date and provides even more support for explicit teaching practices.

Informed by research on the best practices for teaching spelling as acknowledged in the Australian Curriculum, the program incorporates four key areas of teaching:
– Phonemic awareness: the ability to work with phonemes;
– Synthetic phonics: phonics instruction that involves teaching phoneme–grapheme relationships;
– Morphology: knowledge of the meaningful parts of words, such as prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots;
– Etymology: understanding of word origins and history.

Teachers use the Sound Waves Spelling Online Teaching Resources to deliver explicit, systematic and engaging lessons. Students consolidate the skills and concepts taught in these lessons by completing the associated Student Book activities.

Judge’s Comment

Sound Waves Spelling offers a comprehensive evidence-based approach to teaching spelling. Educators are empowered to deliver quality explicit teaching through comprehensive lesson guides, interactive slideshows, videos and diagnostic assessment material. Students consolidate carefully graded skills and concepts by completing the engaging associated student book activities and games.

Winner, Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
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Student Resource
July 2021
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