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REDeLEARN is a website for children in middle to upper primary school. It can be used in class or at home, and has been created to be easy to use and closely aligned to Australian Curriculum topics. Children searching for information can either browse through one of the twelve broad headings, or they can use the Search box to go straight to page entries.

The design has been developed with these features:
* Visually appealing to young researchers
* Entries that are very easy to understand
* Online resource that is fully Australian in its focus

Online Safety
Sending young researchers to the Internet to find information on a topic can often lead them to places that are inappropriate in reading level, content or overseas emphasis. The REDeLEARN website is safe and a one-stop resource that children can use without the risk of finding anything unwelcome.

Teacher Resources
Teachers have access to statistics on usage of REDeLEARN by their students. Class activity ideas, written by local teachers, are included for most sections.

Home Learning
REDeLEARN is a perfect resource for children engaged in home learning, either during times of Covid closures, or for children who learn through Distance Education or Home Schooling.

Online Literacy and Reading Features
While children often appear to be using the Internet well, teachers know that closer inspection of their search behaviour shows that they do not really know which sites are suitable for their age and level of information search experience.

REDeLEARN addresses this situation by making drilling down from the broad subject to the exact topic very simple, and moving around the website is also intuitive and hassle-free. Each article has its own online glossary of words that are likely to be new to a number of young readers.

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education/Languages
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
March 2021
Digital only

REDeLEARN (a division of Redback Publishing)

Redback Publishing specialises in books and digital resources that are researched, written and designed for children in
Australia. There are three divisions: Redback Publishing (books), REDeLEARN (digital resource), REDeBOOKS (eBooks).

REDeLEARN’s digital resources will enable children to use them easily for research or just for the fun of safe online browsing and learning something new. The subjects and layouts refer to specific Australian Curriculum topics and outcome requirements. The new K-2 Junior Module has a literacy focus, with carefully written entries using wording that is phonetically decodable for beginner readers.

Our fiction titles, as paperbacks, hardbacks or eBooks, are published with the aim of delighting young readers, as well as promoting literacy and a lifelong engagement with literature.