The REDeLEARN new K-2 Junior Module is a digital resource designed for primary school children. It complements the Australian Curriculum topics taught in primary schools. The Module for the middle to upper years of primary level schooling was released in 2021 and awarded a Highly Commended by the EPAA that year. The new K-2 Junior Module extends REDeLEARN so that it now offers an innovative digital resource where K-2 readers can practise the decodable phonics they have been learning in class. To make the activity even more relevant to them, the text content covers the topics of the Australian Curriculum for K-2, as well as adding some recreational reading options.

The eye-catching designs and illustrations are created to attract young readers and provide information in a bold and
accessible way. Educators will find that the content in the new K-2 Junior Module has been professionally compiled and that the imagery extends the meaning and adds prompts for young readers.

• REDeLEARN K-2 Junior is Australian in its focus.
• The REDeLEARN K-2 Junior Module is safe and a one-stop resource that children can use without the risk of finding anything unwelcome.
• Dyslexia-friendly font and tinted backgrounds can be toggled on or off by the reader.
• Children with visual impairment, or those who are struggling readers, can choose to hear the words read to them.
• Each topic has a glossary that can be accessed while reading, without having to leave the page.
• Teachers can disable any section.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
January 2023
Digital only

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REDeLEARN’s digital resources will enable children to use them easily for research or just for the fun of safe online browsing and learning something new. The subjects and layouts refer to specific Australian Curriculum topics and outcome requirements. The new K-2 Junior Module has a literacy focus, with carefully written entries using wording that is phonetically decodable for beginner readers.

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