Programming Essentials

Programming Essentials

Lekhani Pathirana, Alfie Punnoose, Uday Vaidya

‘Programming Essentials’ is a fresh approach to IT education in the digital space. This resource raises the bar with our fully accessible and integrated design. Our dynamic learning environment lets learning unfold, unpacking complex ideas and content, introducing knowledge and immersive simulations that are tightly linked to industry.

As they progress through the content, learners are challenged to reflect on and apply key concepts to programming challenges, building industry-ready skills and knowledge. Built from the ground up to best reflect online educational pedagogy and through careful application of modern digital tools, our content boosts student engagement, knowledge retention and ultimately, student success.

Our multimedia ebook content is custom-built to immerse students in the subject material. We build curiosity by harnessing visual learning opportunities that transform, evolve and respond to users’ input. We test knowledge with responsive, gamified challenges to turn passive observation into active, dynamic learning.

By finding new ways to make the most of each learning interaction, we inspire and support learners on their educational journey. Our content production team embrace the potential of digital education and continue to raise the bar.

Judge’s Comment

Demonstrating excellence, innovation and originality, Programming Essentials makes thoughtful use of twenty-first century learning pedagogy and technologies all in a professional, sleek design. Content and interactivity has been carefully curated to support and enable asynchronous learning. Responsive, embedded activities such as ‘Run the code’ will enable students to learn and demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes.

Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Digital Only (Wholly Australian)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
1 March 2021
Digital only


For 23 years, Didasko has led the way in online education, offering a comprehensive approach to delivering higher education in an online space. Our team of expert staff understand the digital education revolution. By making smart use of modern digital tools, in a clever, fully integrated learning system, we harness the potential of ‘digital’ to create engaging, sophisticated content. Via our extensive multimedia ebook library or our end-to-end offering, our solutions solve the digital challenge faced by modern education providers.

In the current climate, organisations that truly understand online learning provisions must provide pragmatic, timely and robust digital learning solutions. Didasko is ready for that challenge.