PM Writing (2nd edition)

PM Writing (2nd edition)

Annette Smith, Debbie Croft, Annie Facchinetti, Cameron Macintosh, Heather Hammonds, Sally Cowan

Developed by a team of educators, PM Writing is an innovative, blended whole-school program that systematically develops explicit writing skills in students.

• Engaging print and interactive exemplar texts model a range of text types commonly taught in the first eight years of school; each text type is deconstructed and constructed, allowing students and teachers to explore text purpose and audience, text structures and language features
• Differentiated lesson plans assist students working Towards, At and Beyond grade level, and include Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, an in-depth focus on Audience and Purpose and Text Structure, explicit activities focusing on Language Features, such as Grammar and Punctuation, and Sentences; spelling strategies to support students’ writing, and Modelled, Interactive, Guided and Independent Writing Activities
• The Lesson Plans support teachers in explicitly teaching writing knowledge and skills and include flexible content for whole-class, small-group and independent teaching and learning, and are supported by a sequenced, suggested teaching pathway
• Student Activities and Interactive Writing Scaffolds consolidate students’ knowledge of text structure and language features and support students through the stages of Planning and Drafting, Editing and Publishing their own texts
• Student-facing videos support students’ key understanding of language features, such as grammar and sentence structures
• Comprehensive assessment resource include Pre-Assessment tasks and checklists to guide teachers in deciding which students are best suited to the Towards, At, and Beyond differentiated activities, and Text Type assessments and checklists to determine students level of understanding
• Extensive Professional Support videos and resources build and refresh teacher confidence around the teaching of writing, the writing process, key features of text types, grammar and other language features. Specific Teacher Support Videos ensure easy implementation in the classroom.
• Scope and Sequences are provided, displaying clear alignment to the Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus and Victorian Curriculum.

Judge’s Comment

PM Writing (2nd edition) is a valuable asset for any school striving to enhance writing proficiency among its students. PM Writing offers a whole-school, scaffolded, sequential pathway to explicit writing skill development through engaging print and interactive digital exemplar texts. PM Writing's blended approach makes it flexible for educators and students, enabling easy access to resources both online and offline. PM Writing is research-based, aligned to curricula, and written by educators to build knowledge and confidence in key aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the writing process. It sets a new standard for effective writing instruction.

Shortlist, Winner, Student resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
Resource type
Student Resource
June 2023
Print or blended
9780170457804, 9780170457811, 9780170457835, 9780170457842, 9780170457866, 9780170457873, 9780170457897, 9780170457903, 9780170457927, 9780170457934

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