PM Orange to Silver

PM Orange to Silver

Cameron Macintosh, Jill McDougall, Carmel Reilly, et al.

The PM Library is the market leading levelled literacy series in Australia. PM Orange to Silver is a collection of new titles, which grows the PM Libary by 104. PM Orange to Silver has been written for students in the Middle Primary Years (Reading Age 6.5 to 9). It encompasses Guided Reading Levels 15 to 24, and spans 5 colour bands: Orange, Turquoise, Purple, Gold and Silver. This collection of new titles supports students to become capable and independent readers with a variety of contemporary and engaging fiction and non-fiction texts across a range of curriculum areas and topics. The series supports the overarching PM goals of helping students to attain success, enjoyment and understanding.

Shortlist, Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
Resource type
Student Resource
October 2021
Print only
9780170328098, 9780170328241, 9780170328357, 9780170328401, 9780170328494, 9780170328463, 9780170328753, 9780170328777, 9780170328814, 9780170328975, 9780170329187, 9780170329262, 9780170329378, 9780170329422, 9780170329453

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