PM Emerald, Ruby and Post-Level 30

PM Emerald, Ruby and Post-Level 30

Jill McDougall, Lisa Fuller, Melaina Faranda

The PM Emerald, Ruby and Post-Level 30 titles have been published to meet a need for texts that engage students who are in – or about to enter – their adolescent years. They are aimed at students in the upper primary or lower secondary years whose reading age is between 10 and 14.

Every title in the series provides opportunities for readers to build their reading proficiency and stamina, and to further develop the key literacy skills of fluency and comprehension, and to expand their vocabulary.

Shortlist, Student resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
Resource type
Student Resource
February 2023
Print or blended
9780170462631,9780170332200,9780170332217,9780170332224,9780170332231, 9780170332248, 9780170332255,9780170332262,9780170332279,9780170332286,9780170462648, 9780170332293,9780170332309,9780170332316,9780170332323,9780170332330, 9780170332347, 9780170332354, 9780170332361, 9780170332620, 9780170332613, 9780170462655, 9780170332637, 9780170332644, 9780170462662, 9780170332811, 9780170332743, 9780170332750, 9780170332767, 9780170332651, 9780170332668, 9780170332675, 9780170332682, 9780170332699, 9780170332774, 9780170332781, 9780170332798, 9780170332804, 9780170332736, 9780170462693, 97801703324087, 9780170332415, 9780170332422, 9780170332392, 9780170462716, 9780170332705, 9780170332712, 9780170462709, 9780170332729

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