Persuasive Writing Manual (Second Edition)

Persuasive Writing Manual (Second Edition)

Sarah Bakker

Picture the scene: you have introduced a controversial issue and asked students to share their thoughts. Students start debating the merits of each other’s arguments and forming their own opinions. Some students are interviewing each other about the topic. Others are searching online for evidence to support their arguments. They’re sharing ideas, being exposed to different points of view and developing their persuasive writing skills. It’s a hive of activity. Students are confident, engaged and on task.

You can make this a reality with the Seven Steps Persuasive Writing Manual (Second Edition), which includes:
• theory and techniques for Steps 1–7
• annotated before and after writing samples
• short, fun Action Activities
• a bank of writing templates
• differentiated topic ideas
• self-assessment rubrics and refresher posters
• a ‘Putting it All Together’ guide.

Get students excited about persuasive writing and rapidly improve their skills using the Seven Steps approach.

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Teaching Resource
January 2021
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