Pearson Diagnostic

Pearson Diagnostic

Professor Kaye Stacey, Dr Vicki Steinle, Beth Price et al.

Developed and authored entirely in Australia, Pearson Diagnostic, an online Mathematics formative assessment tool, has been designed to reveal student thinking beyond right and wrong and to support improved teacher capacity.

The product automatically diagnoses student understanding on a developmental continuum, unique to each concept assessed, pinpointing misconceptions, common misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge.

Pearson Diagnostic spans the core maths concepts from years 5-10, can be used in class or at home and is designed:
* for easy implementation and use by teachers and students
* to save teachers’ time
* to be used as a whole school program or with individual classes
* to be used in isolation or alongside any existing maths resources

This teaching and assessment resource offers ready to use targeted activities that cater for the varying abilities in a one class and equips teachers with research-based
mathematics specific pedagogy and teaching advice.

To track student and class growth, Pearson Diagnostic provides follow up assessment to determine student growth in understanding of core mathematics concepts.

Judge’s Comment

Pearson Diagnostic is an innovative formative assessment tool with high-quality learning activities and quizzes that make it a valuable resource for teachers of all levels. This diagnostic tool has been designed with originality and relevance in mind, assisting teachers with planning, preparation and tracking of student progress, helping them understand common misconceptions and errors made by students early in the learning sequence, and equipping them with research-backed mathematics pedagogy.

Winner, Teaching Resource
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Teaching Resource
12 January 2021
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