PAT Teaching Resources Centre

PAT Teaching Resources Centre


The PAT Teaching Resources Centre (PAT TRC) is an online repository of F–10 teaching materials directly linked to PAT student assessment data, supporting students’ individual learning progress with thousands of evidence-based teaching activities and annotated questions.

Part of the flagship PAT suite, the TRC provides resources linked to all national and state curricula for a growing selection of domains, including Reading, Maths, Science, STEM Contexts, Vocabulary Skills and Spelling. ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach involves 3 key steps to progress student learning: using student assessment data to diagnose starting points, supporting students’ next steps with the PAT TRC, and then monitoring growth of student achievement over time. In this way, all learners can be supported to demonstrate meaningful progress, regardless of where they began their journey.

Annotated questions in the PAT TRC provide detailed information about each of the PAT assessment items that have been attempted by students. These annotations deconstruct the question; identify required key concepts, common errors and misconceptions; and explain the steps students may have followed in selecting their responses.

Teaching activities provide targeted resources differentiated to meet the needs of students below, at and beyond their current level of achievement. The activities are designed to be flexible, and can be used with the whole class, in small groups or with individual students. Many teaching activities also include worksheets, mini activities and projectable displays ready to use in classrooms.

The PAT TRC also provides further resources such as free remote learning activities, Thinking Mathematically teaching activities, Reading Text Complexity Examples, Spelling Error Diagnosis and skills and professional support videos for teachers.

The PAT TRC not only empowers teachers to use PAT assessment data to meaningfully inform targeted teaching and improve student learning, but also supports students to take the next steps in their learning journey.

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