Parliamo Italiano Insieme Levels 1 & 2 Teacher Toolkit – 2nd Edition

Parliamo Italiano Insieme Levels 1 & 2 Teacher Toolkit – 2nd Edition

Margherita Ghezzi, Gianna Pagni, Michela Pellizon

The second edition of Parliamo Italiano Insieme 1 & 2 is a substantially revised series of fully integrated print and digital resources for students learning Italian in Years 7-10. The course uses a communicative approach, emphasising cultural and intercultural teaching and learning.

Each level consists of a Student Book, a write-in Workbook, a Teacher Toolkit and supporting Student and Teacher websites containing a wealth of digital and supplementary resources – an e-book version of the Student Book (NelonNetBook), audio recordings, animated cartoons, grammar videos, cultural and situational videos, worksheets, quizzes, ‘Play and Say’ (pronunciation practice), unit tests, answers to worksheets and tests, chapter PDFs, curriculum support documents and teaching programs.

We sought extensive feedback on the first edition from teachers nationally to ensure that both the content and the approach in this second edition are relevant and engaging for students today; to help students thoroughly practise the core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; and to provide teachers with updated, easily accessible and time-saving support materials.

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Teaching Resource
December 2020
9780170445894, 9780170446013

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