Oxford Spelling F-6

Tessa Daffern

A flexible whole school research-based spelling program. Planned and written by Dr Tessa Daffern, Oxford Spelling incorporates the latest spelling research into a flexible and practical classroom resource. This comprehensive series enables teachers to teach spelling generalisations and strategies sequentially and explicitly, and connect spelling knowledge to reading, writing and other disciplines. You can trust our expert authors and award-winning publishing team to support you with the tools needed to confidently implement the new Study Design, save time while lesson planning and ensure the best learning outcomes for your students.

Confidently implement curriculum-aligned spelling. Oxford Spelling is aligned to the latest Australian, NSW and Victorian curricula, with support for the ACARA Literacy Progressions.

Help support students build upon their spelling success. Oxford Spelling’s full colour Student Books provide a systematic exploration of words through phonology, orthography and morphology. The full colour Student Books also feature ‘Bringing it together’ activities to allow for practice and consolidation of the phonological, orthographic and morphological skills. Student Workbooks provide targeted opportunities that enable students to learn spelling rules and generalisations.

Links to Oxford resources and phonics sequence. The series includes links to the Oxford Wordlist, Oxford Dictionaries and the phonic sequence of our phonics-based literacy. Oxford Spelling allows for exposure to rich vocabulary for spelling practice through dictionary activities and includes a glossary of useful terms that link to our Oxford Wordlist. Within the Student Workbooks, glossary terms are highlighted so that students can remind themselves of key terminology. Oxford Wordlist high frequency words are covered across Years F–2, reinforcing the use and spelling of much-used vocabulary.

Shortlist, Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
Resource type
Student Resource
May 2021
9780190326081, 9780190326098, 9780190326104, 9780190326111, 9780190326128, 9780190326135, 9780190326142, 9780190326159, 9780190326166

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