Oxford Science Victorian Curriculum 7–10 Second Edition

Oxford Science Victorian Curriculum 7–10 Second Edition

Helen Silvester

New for 2022, Oxford Science Victorian Curriculum 2E offers a complete print and digital Science package that provides a scaffolded approach to Science Inquiry Skill development and application questions. Prepare your students for success in the Senior Sciences from day one of Year 7.

Student Books and enhanced digital resources offer complete curriculum coverage and have been revised to feature up-to-date, local case studies and scientific concepts. Presented with a clear text design and engaging visuals, each double-page spread represents one scientific concept and guides teachers and students step-by-step through the curriculum, helping you to save time and support your students.

For more information on the series, please watch this short promotional video: https://youtu.be/iuIVi3k7M3A

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – Mathematics/Science
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Student Resource
December 2021
9780190331818, 9780190331825, 9780190331795, 9780190331887, 9780190331894, 9780190331863, 9780190331955, 9780190331962, 9780190331931, 9780190332020, 9780190332037, 9780190332006

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