Oxford Maths Victorian Curriculum 7-10

Alexander Blanksby, Thomas Christiansen, Helen Sorenson, et al.

Oxford Maths 7–10 for the Victorian Curriculum utilises an innovative suite of print and digital resources to guide students on a focused mathematics journey. The series makes mathematics accessible to students with differing levels of understanding, increasing engagement by giving learners the opportunity to achieve success at their own skill level.

Each chapter opens with a diagnostic test to help teachers identify and address gaps in students’ knowledge, then targets key learning points by recommending interactive skillsheets, before diving into rich textbook content. Understanding is tested again midway through each chapter, and again at the chapter conclusion, to ensure that students remain on-track and can consolidate their learning.

Oxford Maths 7–10 features an innovative reporting system that makes it easy for you to identify misconceptions and deliver differentiated, personalised mathematics learning experiences, build students’ confidence, and save time lesson planning.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – Mathematics/Science
Resource type
Student Resource
December 2021
9780190329198, 9780190329204, 9780190329228, 9780190329235, 9780190329242, 9780190329266, 9780190329273, 9780190329280, 9780190329303, 9780190329310, 9780190329327, 9780190329341

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