Oxford Maths Ready

Annie Facchinetti

Oxford Maths Ready is a series of teacher handbooks that supports mainstream classroom mathematics by offering learning opportunities for students who are substantially behind their peers. It supports and engages those students to help bridge the gap between where they are at and their current year level curriculum expectations. It gives teachers insights into the potential difficulties faced by these students and ideas to engage them in successful mathematics learning. This multipurpose series can be used in conjunction with Oxford Maths for Australian Schools, or as a support to any other whole-school or classroom maths program. It can also be used by educators to provide post-Covid catch-up assistance to students.

The Teacher Handbooks:
•use a developmental approach to build on students’ existing knowledge
•support students to activate their prior knowledge before extending to new concepts and skills
•draw on the sequences of skills identified in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and the National Numeracy Learning Progression
•give explicit guidance to help teachers and students focus on key ideas and strategies to enhance mathematical learning
•follow a ‘gradual release of responsibility’ model that encourages students to observe, discuss and engage in hands-on experiences, helping them work towards becoming independent mathematicians.

Shortlist, Teaching Resource
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Teaching Resource
November 2020
Print only
9780190325053, 9780190325060, 9780190325077, 9780190325084, 9780190325091, 9780190325107, 9780190325114

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