Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations 1e with MindTap

Andrew Creed, Lynn Gribble, Moira Watson et al.

Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations teaches a contemporary approach to Organisational Behaviour that aims to understand, rather than control, human behaviour in organisations. This 1st edition explores a unique ‘critical perspective’ of Organisational Behaviour introduced through in-chapter features and the end-of-chapter case study. This complements courses that teach mainstream theory and advance through to critical examination of the subject area. Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations presents a side of management that reflects real-world experiences in the workplace by challenging the managerial perspective and discussing issues for employees. Available as print, eBook or MindTap, this resource allows for interactive learning, as well as new opportunities for engagement and revision.

Judge’s Comment

Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations First Edition with MindTap presents a clear, concise and contemporary approach paired with an outstanding and accessible design. Its inclusion of various perspectives, real-world examples, multimedia activities and self-reflection opportunities demonstrate the use of twenty-first century learning techniques, content and technologies. Features are designed to engage students, and the end-of-chapter resources use revision, reflection and application to reinforce learning in an effective way.

Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Print or Blended Learning (Adaptations)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
September 2020

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