Nelson Science for the Australian Curriculum (QLD)

Nelson Science for the Australian Curriculum (QLD)

Rachel Whan, Christopher Huxley, Debra McNaughton, Adam Sloan et al.

Nelson Science is an exciting new science series for Queensland Year 7–10 students, written specifically for the updated Australian Curriculum. The blended print and digital series offers teachers a complete one-stop shop, with all the engaging content, activities, assessments, videos, and digital interactives they need to get students excited about science and achieving their learning objectives.

Differentiation and student accessibility were the core considerations we focused on when developing Nelson Science, to ensure our series helps teachers meet the needs of all learners in their classrooms. The series’ modular approach allows teachers to effortlessly create customisable learning paths for their students using _Nelson MindTap_, our new digital platform. Accessible language, together with in-platform features, such as modified reading levels of text (see example / screen shots in ‘other features’), ReadSpeaker (text-to-speech), and interactive glossary, aid student comprehension and support their learning.

Nelson Science’s modular structure, and clean, modern design has resulted in a welcoming, student-friendly book that is easy to navigate. Features such as clear, concise learning objectives and ‘learning checks’ give students’ ownership and ongoing insight into their own learning.

Nelson Science brings science to life with engaging examples of everyday science in action and scientific research. Scientific content is further enriched by the showcasing of authentic First Nation Australian science contexts throughout the series. This fascinating content is curriculum-aligned and culturally sensitive, and was carefully planned and written in consultation with a First Nations Australian Curriculum specialist.

Science inquiry skills also having a starring role in Nelson Science, with engaging investigations and hands-on activities. Each chapter has a key ‘science skill in focus’ which is:
• explained and scaffolded in the textbook and via fun, short ‘Science skills in a minute’ videos
• reinforced through the ‘Science skills in practice’ digital activities
• put into practice in the science investigations.

Judge’s Comment

A comprehensive series of resources that supports Science within the Australian Curriculum. With a clear and consistent layout throughout the text series, this resource promotes explicit teaching strategies with the inclusion of clear learning objectives, definitions, subject content and learning checks. The variety of content supports both students and educators and the provision of differentiated assessment options provides great scope for students with diverse learning needs to demonstrate understanding of the key skills and concepts in the Science curriculum. Clear links to contemporary pedagogical practices are evidenced throughout the text series. The design is engaging through its vibrancy and accessible layout. The digital resources are easy to navigate, supplemented with differentiated resources and logically sequenced. Overall, a complete and inclusive text series to support the Science curriculum.

Winner, Student Resource – Junior – Mathematics/Science/Technologies
Resource type
Student Resource
June 2023
Print or blended

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