MindTap for Marketing Research 5e

MindTap for Marketing Research 5e

Steven D’Alessandro, Hume Winzar, Ben Lowe et al.

MindTap for Marketing Research is full of innovative resources to develop critical enquiry, encourage discussion, engage in project work, and conduct hands-on marketing research via worksheets and data sets. The platform includes:

* Babin/D’Alessandro’s *Marketing Research* eBook
* Interactive polling activities
* Concept checks
* Data sets in multiple formats
* An ongoing project

Babin/D’Alessandro’s *Marketing Research 5th edition* equips students with the knowledge and skills required to successfully undertake marketing research.
Combining a solid theoretical foundation with a practical, step-by-step approach, the marketing research process is explored through a learning model that is constantly reinforced throughout the resource. Using local and international examples, data sets and case studies to explain traditional marketing research methods, *Marketing Research* also examines new theories and techniques. To reflect emerging industry practices, each stage of research reporting is detailed, as well as a range of presentation methodologies. For analysing data, the resource covers both SPSS and Excel outputs. This resource is indispensable for students studying marketing research in any business or marketing course.

The learning resource begins with introductory overview, and follows a pathway through an entire research cycle of defining a problem, planning the research design, planning the sample, collecting the data, analysing the data, and formulating conclusions & writing the final report.

Judge’s Comment

MindTap for Marketing Research Fifth Edition is a comprehensive yet accessible resource with a range of supporting examples and activities. Short knowledge checks and quizzes support diagnostic and formative learning, and the through-line of a larger project supports project-based learning and provides a strong narrative. Detailed case studies relevant to modern Australian contexts provide further opportunities for deep and active learning, and flexibility in learning and teaching approaches.

Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Digital Only (Adaptations)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
June 2020
Digital only

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