Karen Green, Amanda McCallum, Mark Ritterman

MAPPEN is an online curriculum and professional learning solution for all Australian government, independent and Catholic schools. It provides teachers with 32 expertly crafted, fully resourced integrated units with built-in professional learning. Each unit has a corresponding online learning unit which provides teachers with flexibility in how work is presented to students as they can be used remotely or for independent work during school hours. It comprehensively covers a large range of learning areas from Foundation-Year 6 across all Australian jurisdictions.

MAPPEN uses a concept based approach to learning whereby content and skills from different disciplines are being taught in the same unit of work. This integrated, concept-based approach allows for a broader view of knowledge while simultaneously developing a deep understanding and demanding high-order thinking.

At its core, MAPPEN weds process and content to ensure students understand their role as active global citizens, how to embrace different cultural perspectives, understand themselves as learners, apply ethical principles in their day-to-day encounters, and develop habits such as persistence and resilience that support a growth mindset. MAPPEN is designed for teachers to support them in the time they require to focus on differentiation, meeting students at their point of need, and building their professional knowledge.

Judge’s Comment

MAPPEN is a whole-school integrated curriculum resource with fully planned units that are ready for teachers to use in their classes. The units have been designed to ensure curriculum is covered across the year, with students exploring real-world solutions to issues. Social skills are explicitly taught with opportunities to practise through cooperative group tasks. This resource provides schools with a high-quality, inquiry-based curriculum that saves teachers time. The lessons are adaptive to class needs and can instantly transition to online learning as schools require.

Winner, Teaching Resource
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Teaching Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
April 2020 – March 2021

Grossard Education Pty Ltd

Founded in 2015, MAPPEN is a family-owned and operated business. The development of MAPPEN started with the partnership between Karen Green and Amanda McCallum, and developed by Danny Ritterman and Mark Ritterman. The mission of the business is to develop materials and resources to improve the outcomes of students by enhancing the capacity of teachers.
Since launching in 2015, MAPPEN has helped to educate more than 60,000 students from across Australia and is currently being used in schools in every State and Territory across Australia.