Little Learners, Big World (series)

Little Learners, Big World (series)

Berys Dixon, Tomi Liddle, Anita Mullick, et al.

The Little Learners, Big World decodable nonfiction series allows children to apply their phonics skills and knowledge to read every word without guessing… and much more! The 61-book series follows the Little Learners Love Literacy® explicit teaching sequence to ensure children experience success. Every book in this series has been written, designed and produced in Australia, featuring bright, engaging layouts, photos and illustrations. The books are modern and relevant with a good sprinkling of humour to engage developing readers. All layouts have been carefully considered to ensure font position, size and colour are suitable for the target audience. They have been written by a combination of experienced and new authors and feature a variety of nonfiction topics including mental health, sports, the natural world and recycling. Topics are relevant to both curriculum and 21st century life – including local and global themes. Decodable books have a core purpose – to provide opportunities for application of specific letter-sound knowledge to decode text accurately and with developing fluency. However, the LLBW series also:
– engages through bespoke designs for every book to suit the content and level of the reader, including illustrated characters to support readers with new concepts;
– focusses on vocabulary – the most important factor in early reading comprehension after word reading;
– supports oral language development around the topic with a new ‘talk about it’ feature page; provides models for writing, as well as linked writing activities;
– supports teachers to use these books to their full effect with minimal preparation in small group instructional settings – through additional free notes, videos and webinars.

The series includes: Little Learners, Big World decodable readers (61 books); Small group reading notes – one set of notes per book, 4-6pp each; Did You Know? downloads; Speed words download; and Read, Write and Draw sheets.

Shortlist, Student Resource – English (Literacy/Literature/Language)
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October 2021
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