Learning Law

Anthony Marinac, Caroline Hart, Rhianna Chisholm et al.

Learning Law is an accessible and engaging introduction to Australian law for students considering a career in the legal profession. This text teaches students how to deal with legislation and cases, focusing on core topics and contextualisation. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and revised, with significant changes including: six new chapters – First Peoples and the law, research, the ethical lawyer, statutory interpretation, lawyers and clients, becoming a lawyer – more coverage of parliaments and courts, new Living Law boxes that showcase the diverse career paths available to law graduates and new Critical Perspective boxes to engage students with critical analysis. Written in a conversational style, Learning Law will leave students feeling more knowledgeable about, and confident in, their interactions with Australian legal institutions and legal professionals. This text is an essential resource that law students will refer to throughout their studies and in the early stages of their career.

Shortlist, Teaching and Learning Resource – Blended Learning (Wholly Australian)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
15 October 2020

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