Last Man Out

Last Man Out

Louise Park

The evacuation from Gallipoli of Australian and New Zealand troops was a logistically incredible undertaking. The exhausted young men were to slip away by ship in the dead of the night. But one man needed to remain behind to cover for their fellow soldier. This mission almost certainly meant death.

Would it be you?
Would you volunteer to be the last man out?

Judge’s Comment

Last Man Out, by Louise Park, takes an original approach to the classic topic of Gallipoli. It uses a narrative format to engage students on a deeper level by allowing them to feel a personal connection to the topic. This is reinforced by the design of the book as it is presented in a diary style and broken down into bite sized chapters. It also uses many war-time photos and visuals to aid students in imagining the situation and the times. Whilst the book is presented in a narrative structure the author has obviously thoroughly researched the topic, including drawing on her own grandfather’s letters, to ensure a realistic account. Overall, this book provides a fresh and engaging take on a classic topic with its narrative style and engaging design.

Winner, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
March 2023
Print or blended

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