Jacaranda Psychology VCE Units 1-4

Jacaranda Psychology VCE Units 1-4

John Grivas

Our updated Jacaranda VCE Psychologyseries includes everything your students need to succeed.

Victoria’s most trusted VCE Psychology resource, has now been streamlined, targeted and refocused. Our expert author, John Grivas, provides essential knowledge and clear guidance to help both teachers and students navigate the new Study Design and ensure that students are confident in the content and master the key science skills.

Our updated content is engaging, concise and research-based to support all students. Based on feedback from teachers, our author John Grivas has streamlined the content to cover the new Study Design, giving students clear and targeted guidance through the entire VCE Psychology course. The inclusion of interactivities and teacher-led videos creates an immersive learning environment.

Our online learning platform learnON enables all students to engage with their learning in dynamic and personalised ways. Our platform is user-friendly and predictable across all titles, which allows for students to focus on what really matters, their learning. Our digital and print resources are also a perfect match, and you can be assured that both students and teachers can seamlessly move between both.

Students can prepare for assessments and the upcoming exam, with past VCAA exam questions embedded in every lesson in Units 3 and 4 and past VCAA exams are also included in learnON so students can seamlessly complete and submit these online. SACs are available for all Units to build student competence and confidence and each SAC is customisable and adaptable for your cohort of learners. In-depth case studies and learning activities allow students to fully immerse themselves in the content.

When choosing Jacaranda VCE Psychology, you can trust that our new series has been updated to reflect teacher feedback and each decision has been made to ensure that your students are given everything they need to succeed.

Judge’s Comment

Jacaranda Psychology VCE Units 1-4 offers clear and complete coverage of the new study design. Content is well supplemented with a range of learning activities. The online version of the textbook provides a flexible, user-friendly way to read the content, with additional digital features, such as teacher-led videos, seamlessly integrated. A range of teacher support materials, including work programs, customisable SACs and assessment tools, streamline planning and preparation.

Shortlist, Winner, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science/Technologies
Resource type
Student Resource
October 2022
Print or blended
9781119888215, 9781119888109, 9781119888420, 9781119888024


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