Jacaranda Nature of Biology VCE Units 1-4 – series

Judith Kinnear, Marjory Martin, et al.

Victoria’s most trusted VCE Biology online and print resource, The Jacaranda Nature of Biology series has been rewritten for the VCE Biology Study Design (2022-2026) and offers a complete and balanced learning experience that prepares students for success in their assessments by building deep understanding in both Key Knowledge and Key Science Skills.

All students can understand deeply and succeed in VCE, with content mapped to Key Knowledge and Key Science Skills, careful scaffolding and contemporary case studies that provide a real-word context.

The Jacaranda VCE Nature of Biology series includes these features:
– Exam and SAC support, including: Access to every past VCAA exam questions since 2006 within each subtopic and topic in the print; and available in learnON and an exam question booklet
– Annually updated SACs with marking rubrics, customisation tips, risk assessments and sample responses
– Additional exams and topic tests with solutions
– Fully worked solutions for every question
– A suite of hundreds of videos, led by experienced teachers guiding students through VCAA exam questions, sample problems and key concepts.

Practical investigation support, including:
– Sample investigations with teacher and student facing versions in customisable digital eLogbooks
– Full risk assessments and laboratory advice
– Dedicated topics to support students in scientific investigations and bioethical research
– Our learning framework is designed to provide a rich and deep learning experience, support students of all abilities and allow them to learn and contextualise key Biology concepts.

Available for the first time on learnON, our most powerful digital learning platform, which features:
– Immediate, corrective feedback for students
– An in-built testmaker for teachers to create assignments from a large pool of questions for immediate, spaced and mixed practice
– Instant reports into student progress, providing visibility into student progress and performance.

Judge’s Comment

The Jacaranda Nature of Biology series offers senior secondary students and teachers a vast array of engaging digital and print content. Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, this resource is easy to navigate and provides users with clearly written content, up-to-date examples, and visually engaging images and diagrams. Furthermore, the abundance of extra audiovisual material, teacher resources and assignment support included with the Jacaranda Nature of Biology series renders it a particularly outstanding text for blended learning.

Winner, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science
Resource type
Student Resource
June 2021
9780730388050, 9780730371267


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