Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences 7-10 for Western Australia Second Edition – Series

Robert Darlington, Judy Mraz, Meredith Beaton et al.

Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences for Western Australia combines Civics and Citizenship, Economics, Geography and History into a comprehensive, blended resource for the WA curriculum. Its clear and consistent pedagogical framework provides easy-to-navigate differentiated learning pathways and a wealth of resources to spark every student’s curiosity and save every teacher time.

Meaningful differentiation is provided at every stage of learning – from pre-test to reflection. Rich media, such as video eLessons and interactivities, allow students to engage with the content at their own pace and in a form that suits their learning needs. Students also receive immediate, corrective feedback or sample responses for *every* question.

learnON, Jacaranda’s online platform, provides teachers with extensive quantitative data about students’ progress and engagement. This data can be filtered in multiple ways including topic, skill, difficulty level or differentiation type – all at an individualised, small group or whole-class level.

Created and reviewed by experienced WA teachers – all passionate subject experts – the content has a clear WA focus to capture the interest of students. The series is aligned with the Western Australian Curriculum; in particular, the focus on inquiry-based research and explicit skills teaching reflects the nuances of WA’s Humanities teaching. Distinct skill-building chapters build subject-specific and general research skills, and help students appreciate the interconnection between Humanities disciplines. Thinking Big research projects build independent inquiry skills and allow for student collaboration.

teachON provides time-saving support and inspiration, with differentiated planning grids and teaching notes for every lesson. Teachers can easily create assignments with online question banks or customise our worksheets – with around 200 per title. learnON also gives teachers control over what their students see: tasks and tests, sections of content, feedback and answers.

Jacaranda Humanities and Social Sciences for Western Australia is a flexible, accessible resource designed to engage students and empower their learning.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
October 2020
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