Jacaranda English 7

Samuel Islip, Prudence Meggitt, Gina Kalisperis et al.

Jacaranda English 7 gives students every opportunity to engage and succeed with a concept-based approach and rich, multimodal learning experience. Suitable for all curricula, it is flexible enough for any teaching style and makes English relevant for all students. Written by our talented teacher-author team, it is built to ensure students of all abilities can develop their essential English skills.

Developed with a skills focus and based on teacher feedback about the varying levels of ability and engagement within each English class, English 7 has differentiation and scaffolding embedded throughout. Simple language, annotated examples, audio versions of text extracts, fun interactivities and custom-made videos provide multiple entry points for all students.

The question sets and worksheets are provided at three levels of ability, so every student can practise the same concept regardless of their skill level. SkillBuilders build and strengthen critical English skills while the Topic projects allow for fun student collaboration. Diverse writing samples by Australian students and teachers are perfect for analysis, inspiration and editing practice, and help students make important connections with their own English experience.

learnON, Jacaranda’s most powerful platform, allows students and teachers to connect, meaning teachers can assign work and track and filter student results. Students receive immediate, corrective feedback or sample responses for every question.

teachON provides unmatched teacher support and includes lesson plans and advice, answers to all questions and worksheets and curriculum documents.

Modern and engaging, Jacaranda English 7 is a flexible, accessible resource that allows students of all reading and writing abilities to build confidence, succeed and progress.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
September 2020


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