Interleaved Maths Essential Connections

Interleaved Maths Essential Connections

Tierney Kennedy

The Interleaved Mathematics Essential Connections series was produced following extensive consultation with teachers from across Australia. It is the only senior textbook ever to be recommended by the Mathematics Association of Western Australia, who have also given a free copy to every HOLA at their recent annual conference.

This series is built on years of research in classrooms by Kennedy Press consultants, showing significant improvements to the mathematics growth of thousands of students. It uses innovative approaches, such as Conceptual Change Questioning and Interleaved Practice, to help students catch up on concepts that they have missed, retain new learning, and deal with underlying misconceptions.

Every concept and skill is directly applied in daily- and working-life contexts. In reviewing the IMEC series, the Mathematical Association of Western Australia commented, “The investigations are actually meaningful and real-life rather than contrived. There’s no sharing out lollies.”

Due to the high proportion of out-of-field teachers in Essential Mathematics classes, this series has been designed to provide excellent support for non-specialist teachers to implement effective teaching. Teacher Reference books use everyday language and provide worked examples to build teacher understanding of mathematical concepts and skills. Lessons show both correct and incorrect student answers and provide Responsive Teaching Steps to help teachers know what to do next. Throughout 2021 and 2022, the IMEC series has proven so effective at catching senior students up on prior concepts and skills, that high school mathematics departments have already developed junior maths programs based on the lessons, approaches and strategies in the series. They have also used the IMEC series as professional learning for their teachers. “I put all my new teachers on the Year 11 Essentials course because using this book gave them good insights into how to fix misconceptions with their other [junior] classes too.” (Belinda Miller, HOLA)

Shortlist, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science
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April 2020
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