Insight Science Stage 4-5 (Second Edition)
Highly Commended

Insight Science Stage 4-5 (Second Edition)

Melinda Mestre, Lily Okati, Timothy Sloane et al.

*Oxford Insight Science for NSW 2E* provides a clear pathway to Stage 6 success across a range of rigorous, accessible and engaging Student books, Skills and activity books and digital resources. The series provides a scaffolded approach to skill development in Stages 4 and 5 and offers unparalleled assessment support for students of all abilities.

*Oxford Insight Science for NSW 2E* offers complete syllabus coverage and has been revised to feature the most up-to-date case studies and scientific concepts, with an explicit focus on the development of scientific skills.

Key features:

* **Staged books** follow syllabus structure, making it easy to teach in any order that suits your classroom
* **NSW-specific examples** encourage real world application of key concepts and skills
* **An easy-to-navigate spread-based layout** facilitates incremental learning
* **Clear, accessible, instructional language and engaging visuals** capture student interest an motivate student-directed inquiry
* **Check your learning** questions review student progress and provide opportunities for extension
* **Skill builder** questions are scaffolded to develop key science skills from the syllabus
* **Key science activities** signposted at the point of learning direct students to: practical Investigations with an aim, method and results; Skills lab activities that teach a specific skill; Challenge activities encourage thinking outside of the box
* **Chapter reviews** assess student understanding, encourage reflection and suggest research projects
* **Margin glossary definitions** provide clarification of key terms at the point of learning
* **Working scientifically** chapter teaches and clarifies key science skills throughout each Stage
* **Student research project** chapter provides guidance and support for the research project

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Junior – Mathematics/Science
Resource type
Student Resource
January 2021
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