Information Systems

Information Systems

Lekhani Pathirana, Alfie Punnoose

‘Information Systems’ is a fresh approach to IT education in the digital space. This resource raises the bar with our ground-up approach based on online educational pedagogy and careful application of modern digital tools boosting student engagement, knowledge retention and ultimately student success.

‘Information Systems’ transforms a traditionally technical subject and unlocks its potential and real-world applications with scenario-driven learning and digital storytelling, rendered in stunning visual style. We seamlessly integrate simulations and interactive challenges that engage students, aid knowledge retention, and apply theory to practice. Our goal was to reimagine a traditionally text-heavy and theory-based subject in a vibrant, engaging and approachable format that makes IT education accessible to anyone. Didasko’s approach harnesses the potential of narrative, art and digital education tools for IT education and sets a new benchmark in digital excellence.

By finding new ways to make the most of each learning interaction, we inspire and support learners on their educational journey. Our content production team embrace the potential of digital education and continue to raise the bar.

Shortlist, Teaching and Learning Resource – Digital Only (Wholly Australian)
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Teaching and Student Resource
2 November 2020
Digital only


For 23 years, Didasko has led the way in online education, offering a comprehensive approach to delivering higher education in an online space. Our team of expert staff understand the digital education revolution. By making smart use of modern digital tools, in a clever, fully integrated learning system, we harness the potential of ‘digital’ to create engaging, sophisticated content. Via our extensive multimedia ebook library or our end-to-end offering, our solutions solve the digital challenge faced by modern education providers.

In the current climate, organisations that truly understand online learning provisions must provide pragmatic, timely and robust digital learning solutions. Didasko is ready for that challenge.