Highly Commended

Human Kind Series: Persistence

Zanni Louise, Missy Turner

This series offers children, their families and their teachers a framework to talk about values, the shared beliefs that underpin our lives. Each book in the series introduces and explores the importance of values in everyday life through accessible slice-of-life examples and relatable children characters. Each book shows the value at work, in many different ways, showing how readers might understand these values in their own lives. The author met with many children to develop the most contemporary, real-to-life examples as possible for each book. This is a series which gives children the language to talk about and understand values.

The gorgeous artwork in each book heroes five culturally diverse, differently abled children, with gender-neutral interests, and an array of different family types. These adorable kids are supported by a wide cast of recurring culturally diverse, differently abled characters – friends, extended family and pets.

The endmatter in each book includes
— examples of real-life people in the community talking about the particular value through their own personal examples (people include children’s authors, illustrators, professionals, teachers and others)
— discussion questions for children to explore their own feelings and ideas about the particular value under discussion
— detailed notes from a clinical child psychologist, with notes for carers and parents, tips for nurturing the particular value in children

Highly Commended, Educational Picture or Chapter Book
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
April 2020
Print only

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