Holistic Mental Health Support 1e

Holistic Mental Health Support 1e

Ali Moloney, Catherine Joustra

Holistic Mental Health Support is the first comprehensive Australian text directly addressing the Certificate IV in Mental Health CHC43315. With a practice perspective in a competency framework, the text takes a strengths-based and person-centred approach, directly addressing the self-directed, recovery-oriented aims of training. This text addresses the mandatory core competencies as well as electives to comply with packaging rules, following the proven preferred structure for Community Services – chapter by competency – and then alignment of headings to elements and performance criteria of competency descriptors.

The student is given strategies on how to assess, promote and review the wellbeing of their clients. As well as supporting a person with mental health concerns, the text examines the needs and support that people who work within this sector have. This includes how to maintain a safe environment for themselves, their clients and others who access the workplace.

Many of the case studies and scenarios are based on real life situations and the actions that support workers in this field have undertaken. Students are given end of chapter questions based on case studies that require them to apply the knowledge provided in the text. Industry insights are included, along with information about current research being undertaken in the mental health area, to provide the student with real world knowledge of mental health approaches in Australian communities.

Mental health is often an invisible disease, and conditions are often not seen in the same light as physical ailments. This narrative is changing and this text aims to enable students to be part of that change.

Judge’s Comment

Holistic Mental Health Support is a comprehensive and engaging resource for students and educators. The text is well-researched and informative, organised into easy-to-read chapters that cover a wide range of topics related to holistic mental health support. Each chapter includes real-world case studies that illustrate the key concepts and highlight the issues that arise when working in the field. This applied learning approach, coupled with the inclusion of varied content such as action plans and links to contemporary research, create both a practical and engaging resource for students. The conversational style makes the text easy-to-read, and the clear focus on learning outcomes throughout help students track their progress and learning. The text is also enhanced by a range of educator support materials, including presentations, test banks, and additional case studies. Overall, this well-written, informative, and engaging text is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about holistic mental health support.

Winner, VET Teaching and learning resource – All
Resource type
Student Resource
December 2022
Print or blended
9780170457798, 9780170461511

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