History Transformed Stage 4&5

Stephen Clarke, Jonathon Dallimore et al.

History Transformed equips students with powerful tools and skills to analyse and interpret the past, and to make a connection between history and its relevance to their lives.
This affordable and comprehensive staged resource covers all syllabus topics for every Depth Study with selected topics provided in digital-only format to ensure that the print books can be both comprehensive and manageable for students in Years 7–10. Written by experienced NSW teachers, these resources meet the needs of today’s history classroom featuring engaging double page spreads, timelines and maps at the start of each section with more detailed video content that students can watch in class or at home. A wide range of primary and secondary sources and accompanying source analysis questions have been carefully selected to encourage students to engage with historical skills in context, including using multiple sources – an essential history skill in higher levels. Additional digital sources include custom-made videos, widgets and image galleries to extend content beyond the capacities of the printed textbook and broaden student understanding of how to ‘read’ a source. Concepts and skills development are embedded throughout the course in a range of activities that help students to make the necessary connections between the skill and the subject matter. These activities are tagged with the relevant skills and concepts being addressed so that teachers can ensure all syllabus areas are covered. Each chapter begins with a Visible Thinking Routine for initial engagement, while an optional end-of-chapter activity encourages students to reflect on what they have learned throughout the chapter. End-of-chapter activities include extended response questions, groupwork and research activities, a creative task, and a cross-curricular task, giving the teacher a wide range of choices when deciding how to consolidate learning for their students.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
October – December 2020
9781108887465, 9781108892988, 9781108892995, 9781108893008, 9781108893015, 9781108893039

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