Heinemann Chemistry 1 6th edition and Heinemann Physics 11 5th edition

Heinemann Chemistry 1 6th edition and Heinemann Physics 11 5th edition

Melissa MacEoin, Elissa Huddart, Samantha Trafford, Doug Bail

Our new editions of Heinemann Chemistry and Heinemann Physics provide a one-stop shop for VCE Chemistry and Physics in the form of Pearson’s new, enhanced eBook + Assessment.

Much-loved features of the previous edition have been retained, including:
• clear and easy-to use design
• expertly authored content
• careful interpretation and application of the revised study design
• scientific depth and rigour, providing a strong base for those students wishing to continue on in science.

And for Chemistry, we have continued our long-term partnership with the Victorian-based team of authors and reviewers from the Chemistry Education Association.

However, to address our market’s emerging needs in the digital space, the VCE Chemistry and Physics series also now offer one point of access to the eBook, a wealth of student and teacher resources and, mostly significantly, the new, integrated online assessment questions.

For the first time, the new edition also provides:
• SPARKlabs – digital versions of all practical activities from the skills and assessment book – developed with our partner, PASCO
• for Chemistry, a rich library of new videos from our partner, VolkScience
• exam preparation guidance in the new skills and assessment book Toolkit
• past VCAA exam questions at the end of each area of study in the skills and assessment books
• for Physics, online scaffolded support for the Unit 2 Area of Study 2 options

Shortlist, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science/Technologies
Resource type
Student Resource
February 2023
Print or blended
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