Highly Commended

Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow Series

Penny Harris, Winnie Zhou

With their delightful characters, engaging stories and whimsical approach, the award-winning Ginnie & Pinney Learn & Grow series is a unique and innovative set of books and videos that will encourage ethical thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence in young children.

Developed by award winning writer Penny Harris and animator Winnie Zhou, in consultation with Australian experts in education, linguistics and psychology and trialed in schools, Ginnie & Pinney has been designed to stimulate lively discussion & deep thinking about social and emotional themes suitable for all levels of readiness.

About the Series
A delightful series featuring Ginnie & Pinney and their friends. Their daily social interactions, concerns and decisions pose dilemmas that model positive self-identity and behaviour: selflessness, persistence, sharing, inclusiveness, responsibility, accepting difference and learning to say sorry.

What’s included
An engaging and award-winning series comprising an 8-book set and free animated videos accompanying each book, accessible by QR Code. The box set also includes access to a comprehensive 64 page Teachers Resource kit.

Highly Commended, Teaching Resource
Resource type
Teaching Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
April 2020
Print only

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