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Katrina Davey

GeoFoundations is a collection of ten digital geographic units specifically aimed for primary students to develop their geographical skills and understanding using cross-curricula activities and fieldwork opportunities. It aims to minimize preparation and planning time for teachers and promote the inclusion of Geography into the classroom. GeoFoundations has provided 3-4 key resources for each primary year level band based on core understandings of the world, issues of national significance, geospatial technology, fieldwork or age-appropriate popular culture. These resources address the Victorian curriculum for Geography in depth, ensuring that key skills, knowledge and concepts are taught. Each resource can be adapted to suit the time constraints of the teacher and manipulated to meet the dynamics of the class.

Due to the critical shortage of experienced Geography teachers in Australia, simplicity of teacher instruction and delivery was essential when developing GeoFoundations. In 2019 Geography had the highest incidence (40%) of out-of-field teaching in Australia. The GTAV surveyed primary members prior to developing GeoFoundations and discovered they infrequently teach geography due to time constraints and other subjects taking higher priority. Therefore this resource was intentionally created to highlight the cross-curricular nature of the subject, with particular emphasis on the overlap with literacy, numeracy and science skills. A selective approach was vital as most Geography texts inundate teachers with an oversupply of activities and worksheets which is often a deterrent for primary teachers.

GeoFoundations is a free resource for teachers to download. This is due to the support of the Department of Education & Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program.

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
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Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
December 2022
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