Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Management 8e

Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Management 8e

Ken Trotman, Kerry Humphreys, Victoria Clout, Kate Morgan

Trotman’s Fundamentals of Accounting and Financial Management (previously Financial Accounting) incorporates comprehensive coverage of financial accounting in Australia and includes issues in sustainability, as well as current and emerging issues, while building upon the approachable, user-friendly, Australian-focused style of previous editions. This eighth edition continues to provide students with a detailed understanding of the accounting framework using a balanced and engaging approach that provides non-accounting majors with enough detail to understand and analyse company financial statements, and provides accounting majors with a sound basis for future studies in accounting. Premium online teaching and learning tools are available on the MindTap platform.

Judge’s Comment

This fully digital resource provides students with a detailed understanding of the accounting framework using a balanced and engaging approach. Inclusion of actual annual reports and excerpts provide real world evidence for students to refer as they learn the key concepts.

Coverage of basic concepts at the start and moving to the more advanced topics later makes the content comprehensible and avoids overwhelming students in their learning journey. Putting knowledge into practice is possible with a wealth of practice problems throughout the text. The unique short video animations on key accounting concepts are insightful and will help students see the relevance of concepts. The variety of features throughout the text work well together and makes this resource a great contribution to the study of accounting.

Winner, Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning Resource – Digital Only
Resource type
Student Resource
August 2022
Digital Only
9780170454797, 9780170462884

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