Food for VCE: Food Studies series

Food for VCE: Food Studies series

Sally Lasslett, Chrissy Collins, Hannah Smith, Angie Fusinato

Food for VCE: Food Studies Units 3&4 offers a comprehensive, flexible and genuinely engaging approach for every student.

Written specifically for the 2023 VCE Study Design by experienced teachers and examiners, Food for VCE provides comprehensive curriculum coverage and embeds cross-study specifications throughout the textbooks.
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The series includes:
• the best assessment and exam preparation available to guide students to success in VCE, including exam-style questions, activities to develop skills for the Unit 4 research inquiry report, and advice on how to unpack exam questions;
• a range of practical and inquiry activities, as well as glossary definitions to help students understand and use food terminology with ease;
• compelling content for the theoretical aspects of Food Studies, including current case studies and examples across a range of media, and visual aids that help make sense of the key knowledge and skills;
• carefully chosen language, case studies and recipes – underpinned by the Australian Dietary Guidelines – that are accessible to all students without compromising the depth of content;
• interactive resources including videos, infographics, auto-marked quizzes and more;
• a Teacher Resource Package with dedicated support tools including teaching plans, unseen assessment items, and suggested solutions and marking criteria for textbook activities.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science/Technologies
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Student Resource
January 2023
Print or blended
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