examplus VCE Biology Units 1-4
Outstanding Winner

examplus VCE Biology Units 1-4

Diane Canavan, Nicole Henry, Anne Maslin

examplus VCE Biology Units 1-4 is a brand-new assessment platform which simulates real exam practice. Grounded in research and user testing with VCE Biology teachers and students, examplus saves teachers time with its extensive bank of filterable and difficulty-graded past VCAA and new VCAA-style VCE Biology questions and answers all in the one place.

Judge’s Comment

examplus VCE Biology is an invaluable tool for biology teachers preparing their students for the final examination. It provides an enormous bank of past VCAA, and VCAA-style, questions from which the teacher can construct a practice exam. Powerful filtering tools enable selection by area of study, key knowledge and dot points, so the exam can be broad based or focused on a particular area. The exam is then output in a style that exactly matches the VCE paper, enabling students to practise in exam-like conditions.

Outstanding Winner, Winner, Teaching Resource
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Teaching Resource
November 2021
Digital only
9780170459495, 9780170456616

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